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Ejercicio de Inglés B2 - Writing

Essay plan.

Paragraph 1: Introduction.
Paragraph 2: Advantages of large families.
Paragraph 3: Disadvantages of large families.
Paragraph 4: Big families in the past and nowadays. (Own idea)

Having children is a common topic in the present society, specially when a person has to decide his or her future. The most important question might be: how many? In this essay, I am going to discuss about large families.

In my opinion, big families, with many brothers and sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts, etc., make you feel very loved. That feeling of a Christmas dinner with all the family together is wonderful; it is like you will always be protected. I believe large families support each other in a warmer way. Obviously, that happens in small families too, but maybe intrafamily disputes are easier to solve in a big family than in a small one.

From my point of view, the main disadvantage of a large family is the big sum of money that you need to sustain each child. If everyone in the family had a job, there would not be any problem. But children can’t sustain themselves, so you have to assume that spending. Anyway, big families that could have some kind of problems living out enjoy financial support from the State.

In the last centuries, having a lot of children was very useful. Parents needed to have up to five children because of the workforce need. That’s because I feel that, nowadays, large families are thing of the past. Things have changed a lot, and also the mentality of parents regarding to having children.

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